Following the deaths of Arthur and Alice Langmuir in the early 1940’s, the original Quarry Park, created on this site in 1936, fell into decline and served as a Village dump from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. In 2005, plans were put in motion to remediate the landfill and replace it, once again, with a beautiful public garden. The tall marble cliffs, the result of quarrying at the site from 1828 to 1871, have been a dramatic feature of both the original Quarry Park and today’s park.

Blocks of marble, excavated during the remediation, now serve as benches and as reminders of the quarrying era. The setting has been restored with thoughtfully designed landscapes, utilizing a diverse range of plants native to the northeastern United States. These native plants provide food and shelter for the local fauna, bringing back a lost vibrant habitat.

© Barrett Doherty

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